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At Express Academy we as web developers and designers make it our top priority for our clients to have beautiful designed and responsive website pages optimized with SEO keywords. We ensure that  your site will have a complete user friendly experience with strong and visible call to action sections for your clients to start engaging with your content.

Web Design

Beautiful website design sites with user friendly experience. Fully optimized for cellphones, tablets or any other electronic device.

WordPress Sites

Fully functional WordPress sites hosted live 24/7 and running with basic SEO content and google auto suggest keyword installed.

Custom Websites

Custom made sites that functions at a rapid speed and have more advanced features than a WordPress site


Ranking your page on Google is part of our niches as a web design agency. We optimized sites with keywords,  onpage SEO etc.

Three Steps For Succes.

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Let’s take the first step together and help you build your presence.


Understanding Your Business

We believe that understanding your business goes along way in finding success in your niche market. At Express Academy we offer our services and reports to guide you on your business decisions cutting unnecessary costs.


Building Your Website

Understanding our customer journey and the importance of having a fully functional site live is our primary focus. We help our clients to succeed in their niche market by building them an online presence. We offer free guidance after your project  have been completed.


Providing You The Support

We provide free support  and training guides on any questions you might be having regarding your specific needs. During the phases of your project we  continue to update our clients on the progress their websites are making online or any content that is outdated.

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